Assignment 5.

Shay M, and I worked well together. It was really easy, &i liked how we got everything done together. I didnt like the project though, it made me really bored. I’m not trying to be rude, or negative, I’m telling you the truth. I did learn a lot of weird things though, that was cool.


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Assignment 4A.

So, our school wants uniforms? I read a few articles about uniforms and one said this;

  • School administrators face a complicated task setting a dress code: with inappropriate coverage (for example, strapless, halter, and midriff tops and too-short skirts and shorts) and inappropriate insignia (for example, slogans for alcohol and cigarettes and clothing with vulgar language or representing otherwise objectionable connections, such as gang membership), it may be easier to have a uniform than to detail and enforce independently chosen clothing.  FROM THE SITE;
  • They are wrong, our school has rules as to what they don’t want students to wear, so that wouldn’t be a problem for us!

    It also said that wearing uniforms stopped kids from forming cliques. That is also wrong! No matter what we wear, we’re still going to have our own little groups of friends! It’s kids, kids have cliques no matter what. And peer pressure! No matter what we wear there’s going to be peer pressure. This same site also stated that we’d all look the same so it’d be easier to see us on field trips… Shouldn’t teachers pay attention to us no matter what? And if they really feel that strong about it, then make us wear uniforms on field trips only then!!

    Uniforms are a useless cost to families already struggling in this economy. And in the CONS of uniforms, it says this;

  • The wearing of uniforms does not prevent the formation of cliques or gangs. 
  • The wearing of uniforms does not prevent students from expressing unpopular or inappropriate views in other ways. 
  • School uniforms can be ugly and/or unflattering, and having to wear something unattractive or unflattering is not good for students’ self-image. 
  • And i agree with those, as i have said some of them before…


    Wearing uniforms can make kids not realize that in the real world they have to work side by side with people who have different styles than them, and isn’t school supposed to prepare you for the real world? Not make you think things wrong. School uniforms also give us the impression that this could solve problems, and thats wrong.


    “Public School Uniform Debate – Education Bug.” Education Bug – Education Articles, Jobs, Schools, & Directory. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 Mar. 2010. <>.

    Assignment 3.

    This was the video Davie &I made. It was pretty easy, &funny. At first, we fooled around a little bit with the different actors. When we actually started getting to work, it was so easy. These computers suck, so we can’t make it longer. When I clicked edit, it said there was an error on the page, so we’re leaving it how it is. It makes sence still, so im fine with that.




    Assignment 2 – Safe Blogging.

    Blogging can be fun but you need to be careful. There are real freaks out there. While blogging, be sure not to put your personal information. Don’t put stupid stuff like; your last name, your birth year, your address, hometown, or anything stupid like that. Don’t talk to strangers.


    1) Don’t post info.

    2) Don’t talk to strangers.

    3) Use good language.

    4) Don’t be stupid about things you post.

    5) Don’t be hurtful.

    6) Be smart.

    Those are the two sites I used.

    I commented on Tessa’s post, and Zack’s post.